Receive From Bitcoin Wallets

If you want to receive Bitcoin from a wallet that does not yet support sending on the Lightning Network yet, you can use your STARBACKR wallet's on-chain address. On-chain payments are a little slower and not as cheap as Lightning payments but can be used to transfer bigger amounts more easily.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Open up STARBACKR and navigate to your STARBACKR wallet.

  2. Click "Manage Funds" and then choose "With External Wallet" from the Top-Up options. A QR code will be displayed.

  3. Scan the QR code (or copy the address manually) with the sending wallet.

  4. Any Bitcoin sent to this address will be credited to your STARBACKR wallet


I have sent Bitcoin to the address, but they are not credited to my STARBACKR wallet

On-Chain transactions are not instantaneous. They need to be confirmed by the miners of the Bitcoin network first. If the network load is high, this might take some time. Once your transaction is confirmed, it will show up in your STARBACKR wallet.

You can check your transaction's status by entering its TXID in a block-explorer like

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