Livestream Using OBS / StreamLabs

Currently, we generate a new Stream Key for every live stream session you start. So make sure to update it in your application whenever you start a new stream.

With STARBACKR Live 2.0 you can now not only stream directly from your web browser but also from third-party applications like Open Broadcasting Studio (OBS) or SteamLabs. Once you start a live streaming session on STARBACKR you will receive a unique Stream Key and URL. See below for a step-by-step guide on how to connect.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to STARBACKR Live (Streaming from third-party applications is only supported on Desktop devices) and start click the "Live" button

  2. Once on the streaming dashboard, enter a title/description for your stream and select From third party application (Stream Key/URL) from the sources selection.

  3. Optional: Modify your stream settings (Premium, Scheduled, Record)

  4. Click Start Livestream to start the session and generate a Stream Key. Your Session will now be accessible to viewers. Keep this page open while streaming.

  5. Copy Stream Key and URL and paste those into your third-party application's settings.

  6. Hit Start Streaming to stream data from your third-party application to your STARBACKR live session.

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